Ukirk Journeying with young adults as we follow Christ

68 Ashland Street
Rochester, New York 14620

Whether serving with our partner organizations to address issues of hunger, homelessness and poverty; enjoying a concert or lecture in our beautiful sanctuary; providing food to our neighbors through our South Wedge Food Program; or participating in a retreat or immersive learning experience, we seek to know one another, celebrating what is best about our community and working together to re-imagine the places where we have left some neighbors behind.

The ROC SALT Mission Program hosts teams of youth, adult and intergenerational participants who wish to experience mission in Rochester NY, combined with times for theological reflection, experiential learning, worship and fellowship.

Programs generally run from Sunday evening to Friday afternoon, but the Mission Center also offers half-week and one-day programs for those with less time to devote. Our partner organizations address issues associated with hunger, poverty, healthcare access, refugee and immigrant issues, homelessness, mental illness and child welfare. We plan our work in coordination with our partners depending on their needs at any given time. Each week contains different experiences that also take into account the ages and abilities of our teams. 

Contact us for us to design your work experience, fellowship and stay in Rochester.

  Church-Based (ministry is based out a church),
  College or University,
  Domestic Mission Trip

  Melanie Jones
  (585) 678-6927