Ukirk Journeying with young adults as we follow Christ
at prayer

UKirk Daily is a simple devotional app (for Apple and Android) that offers a Psalm, a passage from the gospels, and a short prayer for each day. The app is being used by hundreds of students across the country and the world, as they collectively read scriptures and prayers together daily. It was created to encourage collegiate students and young adults to develop a regular practice of connecting with God through listening (reading) and speaking (prayer). In both it’s design and interface, it really couldn’t be more simple.

Now that the app is widely used, we're looking to bring the voices and prayers of our collegiate students to UKirk Daily. Thus, for the second version of the app, we’d like to invite UKirk students and collegiate ministry leaders to write prayers for the app. Our hope is that we'll be able to offer 365 daily prayers, that come from our collegiate ministry communities. 


We welcome all students and leaders within the UKirk Network to submit their prayers for our updated version of UKirk Daily. If you're interested in writing here are a few guidelines:

Prayers should be between 100 - 140 words and should include these four elements:

1. Address: Taking our pattern from the Psalms, we open our prayers with an address. One possible address is "God of [fill in the blank]" as it allows for non-gendered language that names the many attributes of God and gives room for creativity (e.g., God of creation, of love, of healing, of the refugee and immigrant, etc.). 

2. Acknowledgement: Following the address we offer our thanks for God's acts in the world or praise the many attributes of God that touch our lives.

3. Petition: Since this is communal prayer we focus on those needs that are shared by people everywhere. Write one or two short expressions of need, a request for help, or intercessions for others.

4. Closing: It is customary to offer our prayer in the name of Jesus Christ.

Finally, when writing your prayers, we'd ask that you write them for a particular day of the week. Please note which day you're writing for when you submit the prayer. When submitting your prayer to also include the following information in the main text of your email:

Your full name
The name of your college or university
Day of the week for the prayer
The prayer itself