Ukirk Journeying with young adults as we follow Christ

Men's Silent House at the Taizé CommunityIn May of 2016, Jason Brian Santos, the national director of UKirk, led a group of 12 collegiate ministry professionals to the Taizé Community in France. 

To support the initiative the Office of Christian Formation was awarded a $15,000 grant by the  F.I.S.H. Foundation, Inc. to take Presbyterian campus ministers, college pastors and chaplains to the ecumenical monastic community, known around the world for its repetitively sung prayers.

Taizé and its pilgrims have been the focus of Santos's academic research for over a decade. His encounter began during the evening prayers of his first night in the community–August 16, 2005–the same night Brother Roger, the founder and prior of Taizé, was murdered in the Church of Reconciliation. Santos recounts his story and the findings of his research in his first book, A Community Called Taizé (IVP, 2008). The second phase of his research focuses on how the Taizé pilgrims might continue in their spiritual formation after leaving Taizé–Sustaining the Pilgrimage will be published by IVP Academic (release date forthcoming).