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We’re excited to announce the release of our first smartphone app–UKirk Daily

UKirk Daily is an app that offers two Biblical passages and a prayer. It was created to encourage collegiate students and young adults to develop a regular practice of connecting with God through listening (reading) and speaking (prayer). In both it’s design and interface, it really couldn’t be more simple. 

Open it once a day // Read the Psalm and New Testament reading // Pray the prayer

That’s it. 

In participating in this simple daily practice, you not only connect with your Creator through reading and prayer, you connect to a growing movement of young adults across our nation who are seeking after deeper rhythms for their spiritual lives. Imagine thousands of young adults around the nation pausing for a few minutes each day to read a common passage and pray a common prayer. Individually, they are nurtured in the discipline of daily readings and collectively, they are reminded that we are not alone, but rather, we are a part of something much bigger.

Whether you’re a college student, a young adult, a collegiate minister, a pastor, a parent, or someone connected to this crowd, the knowledge that you’re journeying together through the Scriptures is a tool for us all to grow in our faith. 

Our challenge to you is simple: give UKirk Daily a try. And, as you read and pray, know you’re not alone. 

UKirk Daily is 100% free (and ad free) 

From your android phone look for UKirk Daily in the Google Play Store
From your Iphone look for UKirk Daily in the I-Tunes Store.