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Glossary of Collegiate Organizations

UKirk Network
All PC(USA) and PC(USA) associated ministries are part the UKirk Network. Each ministry, however, must register (or re-register) to be recognized by the Office of Collegiate Ministry and the UKirk Network, regardless of your branding status. The UKirk Network seeks to provide support and networking opportunities for those engaged in higher education ministries. For more information about UKirk, browse our ABOUT page and promotional materials.

PACHEM was the Presbyterian Association for Collegiate and Higher Education Ministries, the predecessor to the UKirk Network. Until 2016, members of the PACHEM sat on the UKirk Board. Any questions about the history of PACHEM should be directed to the Office of Collegiate Ministries at the PMA (

Just as its name implies, the Presbyterian College Chaplains Association is made up of chaplains who serve in behalf of PC(USA) on college and university campuses. They include chaplains serving at PC(USA)- related institutions as well as PC(USA) chaplains serving non-related institutions. PCCA provides continuing education and networking opportunities for members and hold an annual meeting.

The National Network of Presbyterian College Women is a network of college women and campus ministry and chaplaincy programs across the United States interested in issues relating to being a woman, being a Christian and being a college student.

The Racial Ethnic Young Women Together (pronounced “Root”) is an organization for 18 to 30 year old racial ethnic women.

The National Association of College and University Chaplains is the multi-faith version of PCCA. It includes Jewish and Muslim chaplains.

The National Campus Ministry Association is the ecumenical organization for Campus Ministry. It produces resources and holds an annual gathering.

The World Student Christian Federation is a federation of more than 60 national ecumenical student movements, most of which are called Student Christian Movements (SCM). Founded in 1895, it subsequently led to the start of the World Council of Churches!

Ecumenical Campus Ministries Team, formerly Higher Education Ministries Arena (see next entry), is part of the Education and Leadership Ministries Commission of the National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA. The ECMT is made up of mainline denominational staff, including the PC(USA)’s Office of Collegiate Ministries. Publications often include Advent and Lenten devotional booklets designed for use by college students, a "Directory of Ministries in Higher Education," and a clearing house for open positions in campus ministries.

ASCENT Network
The Ascent Network is an informal affiliation of campus ministers committed to seeing the work of the kingdom expressed to the campus primarily through the local church. They hold periodic gatherings and maintain a list of ministry interns.  

(Taken from PACHEM, 2011)