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OVERVIEW: The Waddel Fellowship Intern helps support the Waddel Fellows and administers the program. The internship is intentionally focused on vocational discernment.

HOURS & COMPENSATION: The intern is full time and lives in the apartment attached to the Presbyterian Student Center (which qualifies as compensation in the amount of $4000). In addition to housing, a stipend of $11,000 is paid across 20 pay periods (Aug - May). In the case of single semester employment, compensation totals $5,500 + free rent in the apartment mentioned above

QUALIFICATIONS: This intern may be a recent college graduate, seminary student, or someone who is discerning a call

RESPONSIBILITIES: 50% of time is devoted to supporting Waddel Fellows and administering the Fellowship program. The other 50% of time is devoted to their own exploration of faith and vocation under the supervision of the Campus Minister. Specific Responsibilities are as follows:


  • Planning and facilitating monthly Waddel Fellow gatherings, which should include over the course of the year components of Biblical Study, Theological and Pastoral Reflection upon the ministry engaged in by Fellows, goal setting and oversight with individual fellows and their supervisors.

  • Occasional (as needed) meetings with Waddel Supervisors, and bi-weekly one-on-one meetings with all Waddel Fellows for the purpose of individual discernment, counseling, and pastoral care.

  • Participate alongside campus minister and Bama Ukirk leadership in organizing and leading Waddel Fellowship Retreat to Columbia Theological Seminary.

  • To re-think and plan with the Campus Minister for the Waddle Fellowship Graduation.

  • Bi-Weekly meeting with campus ministry to explore faith and vocational discernment as determined by intern in conversation with campus minister.

  • Help to facilitate ministry programs of the PSC as directed by Campus Minister.

  • Complete Chores around the property as assigned by Administrator (Leslye Queen)

  • Responsibilities for parking/tailgating on days of home football games as determined by campus minister and administrator.


The Waddel Fellowship at the Presbyterian Student Center at UGA, is a vocational discernment program for college students and recent college graduates who are exploring a possible call to ministry. The program includes up to 12 fellows and one intern each year. The fellows are placed in supervised ministry contexts (local congregations and non-profit agencies) to work approximately 3 hrs per week under the supervision of a member of that ministry’s staff. The Waddel Intern is tasked with facilitating instances of intentional discernment with the fellows in one-on-one meetings, Bible study, theological reflection, an annual retreat to Columbia Theological Seminary, and a graduation ceremony at the end of the spring semester. The intern also stays in conversation with each fellow’s ministry supervisor in order to have a 360 degree view of the ministry experience. These responsibilities should take approximately 20 hours per week.

The Intern’s remaining 20 hours are given to her or his own vocational discernment, which may include applying to seminary (when applicable), self-directed study, assisting in all aspects of the campus ministry, particularly those which align with the intern’s particular gifts and passions for ministry, and regular meetings with the Campus Minister to evaluate the work being done, and process the experience gained through ministry.

  Campus-Based Minister (ministry meets in a building on/adjacent to campus),
  Chaplaincy (officially connected to a college or university),
  UKirk Branded Minister (UKirk is in the title of your ministry)

  William Norman