Ukirk Journeying with young adults as we follow Christ

132 W. Beaver Avenue
State College, Pennsylvania 16801

Job Title:  Associate in Campus and Young Adult Ministries
Reports to:  Head of Staff Rev. Dr. Dean Lindsey

Summary:    State College Presbyterian Church (SCPC) seeks a long-term staff member to continue and enhance the congregation’s commitment to campus and young adult ministries.  Located one block from the Penn State campus, our church has a long history of hosting and supporting Westminster Presbyterian Fellowship (WPF).  The Associate will be responsible for coordinating the church’s outreach ministry to three constituencies:  Penn State’s undergraduate community; our Young Adult fellowship (including graduate students and young adults in their 20’s and 30’s); as well as a new summer emphasis in support of PSU college age students and those raised in SCPC, and/or FISH (Fellowship in Senior High) program, SCPC’s youth ministries.  This position will be a three-quarter time position year round, and we are looking for a candidate with an ability to commit for at least 3 years. 

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College Age Ministries (including Penn State undergraduates and SCPC’s college-aged members and friends):

  • Serve as advisor for Westminster Presbyterian Fellowship (WPF) maintaining our Penn State University student group status, serving as its advisor, while maintaining relations with the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center and serving as a member of its ecumenical Affiliate Staff.
  • Facilitate WPF, and coordinate its activities, including meetings and opportunities for Christian fellowship, study, retreats and mission outreach.
  • Offer vocational discernment support for students as they seek their unique path to service and faith, and connection with our congregation.
  • Create a new summer program to reach out to incoming Penn State freshmen arriving for the summer semester, including fellowship activities and local mission opportunities for both new to State College students, and our home-grown graduates on their way to their own collegiate destinations.
  • Co-direct discernPSU, a Lilly grant initiative offered on campus with Lutheran Campus Ministries.
  • Develop, where feasible, contacts with Presbyterian Churches around the state to make contact with students before they arrive on campus.
  • Work with current WPF members and other SCPC units to get the word out about WPF at Penn State Involvement Fairs, and “welcome back/start of the semester” events at the church.
  • Develop, maintain and distribute publicity about WPF and SCPC college-age ministries on campus, on social media and in the church community.

Young Adult Ministries (including graduate students)

  • Encourage young adult program and fellowship offerings for graduate students and young adults, helping them discern ways that they might become involved in the life of the congregation, while bonding with their peers.


  • Educate, connect and equip congregation members to participate in this ministry as ambassadors, providing hospitality and welcome to worship and other fellowship gatherings.
  • Staff the College Age and Young Adult Ministry Committee (CAYAM) and serve on the Social Justice and Mission Team (SJMT) where the CAYAM committee is housed.
  • Work with the Church’s Financial Administrator to oversee the expenditures of the ministry, and participate in budgeting for each calendar year
  • Supervise the expenditures of the ministry’s Lilly Discernment Grant, the Synod grant and any other newly identified funding opportunities related to college-age and young adult ministry, while ensuring that funds are spent in accordance with donor guidelines.

Core Competencies:

  • Passion for and effectiveness in the leadership and organization of campus youth and young adult programming.
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills including the ability to convey ideas, listen to students attentively, and participate in meetings effectively.
  • Ability to be a caring teacher, fellowship advisor and small group worship leader with a high level of personal integrity.
  • An interest in leadership, and engaging in discernment dialogue with college-age students and young adults.

A grounding in theology; formal education in theology and religion is preferred, but not required.  An understanding and ability to communicate the concepts of reformed theology, and an ability to inspire young people to claim a life of faith as their own would reflects our congregation’s goals for this position.



  Church-Based Minister (ministry meets in a church)

  Janet Heasley