Ukirk Journeying with young adults as we follow Christ

201 4th Street
Radford, Virginia 24141

The Presbyterian Church of Radford is seeking a full time employee to direct the UKirk Ministry in the Radford University Community. He/she will work closely with the Minister as an integral part of a team ministry. The Intern for UKirk Ministry will take the initiative in all matters concerning his/her area of responsibility and be strongly proactive in seeking to provide an effective ministry. The Intern for UKirk Ministry will be a dynamic, outgoing person with excellent communication skills. He/she will be deeply committed to Jesus Christ and His church, and to his/her own faith journey. Qualifications include a Bachelor’s degree (minimum), with a Masters of Divinity preferred; experience working with youth and/or young adults; background check required; references required; endorse and sign “Safe Sanctuary Policy and Procedures.” The Intern will report to  the Head of Staff and UKirk Ministry Committee

WORK TIME REQUIRED: Full Time (35 hrs), Twelve (12) months, starting by August 2018 

WORK PERFORMED: The Intern shall:


  1. Direct programming for the Campus Ministry of PCR and Radford University
  2. Facilitate and resource the campus ministry of the congregation of PCR through the UKirk Ministry Committee
  3. Direct a student fellowship program and other appropriate programming for the Radford University ministry
  4. Encourage students to attend Montreat College Conference in January and accompany them, in cooperation with the Presbytery of the Peaks
  5. Coordinate a comprehensive review of the campus ministry program in the spring, by gathering feedback from RU students on their suggestions for improving the program, and in cooperation with the UKirk Committee plan the next year
  6. Serve as a member of the Radford University Campus Ministry Association
  7. Facilitate the integration of college students into the various activities and ministries of the congregation where feasible
  8. Provide worship leadership to cover the pastor’s vacancy at least twice annually, and be compensated at the Presbytery rate for supply ministers for additional Sundays
  9. Collaborate with the Director of Christian Education in identified opportunities for youth programming, as needed
  10. Attend Session meetings and report on the areas of his/her responsibility
  11. Participate in staff meetings regularly


  1. Annual salary: $19,000 & FICA, paid biweekly
  2. Housing and utilities in the church’s manse
  3. Medical insurance through the intern’s provider
  4. 2 weeks of paid vacation and eight (8) paid holidays
  5. Sick leave of 5 days per year


CONTACT: For more information, or to apply, please contact Carol White, chair of the search committee, at the Presbyterian Church of Radford, 201 4th St, Radford, VA 24141, or, or call 540-838-2273.

  Campus-Based Minister (ministry meets in a building on/adjacent to campus),
  Church-Based Minister (ministry meets in a church),
  Minister for an Ecumenical Collegiate Ministry (multi-denominational representation),
  UKirk Branded Minister (UKirk is in the title of your ministry)

  Carol White