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Nashville, Tennessee

olunteers with NEP will experience mission in a community ministry that focuses on being in mission with others rather than merely doing service. Because the experience of mission is reciprocal in nature, the NEP program provides volunteers with the opportunity, not only to serve individuals in need, but more importantly to be blessed by relationships with others who are racially, theologically or economically different from themselves.

NEP is operated out of Second Presbyterian Church. Volunteers will be paired with this church or another PC-USA partner church in Nashville in order to have a supportive church family during their mission year. Volunteers will find participation and leadership roles within the church to enhance their experience.

Positions include:

  • Helping to address the needs of the homeless while seeking structural changes to eradicate homelessness.
  • Assisting in the spiritual, emotional and educational development of at-risk youth.
  • Community organizing to educate the public,  negotiate with city leaders, and help shape public policy on issues relating to the death penalty in Tennessee.
  • Focusing on the root issues of poverty and empowering families to attain greater levels of well-being and self-reliance.
  • Helping Hispanic families in Nashville realize their aspirations for social and economic advancement by promoting their integration into the local community.
  • Assisting with health care for the uninsured in Nashville through a delivery model that integrates behavior health and spiritual care.
  • Contributing to the program ministries and mission initiatives of the Vanderbilt Presbyterian Campus Ministry

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  Emily Miller