Ukirk Journeying with young adults as we follow Christ

New Orleans, Louisiana

The Young Adult Volunteers in New Orleans is a mission of the Presbytery of South Louisiana. The purpose of this program is to offer to young adults a God-Seeking, Life-Changing experience that prepares Young Adults to take part in God’s mission in the world for the rest of their lives.  


To be a Young Adult Volunteer in New Orleans is to seek God and be transformed in one of the most unique cities in the world.  In New Orleans you will cry with and serve your neighbors who grieve the effects of Hurricane Katrina, poverty, violence, and a disappearing wetlands.  You will also joyfully dance in the streets with those same neighbors at Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, or a passing Second Line.  The YAV program in New Orleans offers many opportunities for you to engage the city on many different levels and to seek God in the tension of sorrow and celebration.  

hile in New Orleans YAVs live in an Intentional Christian Community, with fellow YAVs who are serving in New Orleans. The intentional community is responsible for developing a community covenant that will guide relationships and support the community throughout the year.

Each YAV in New Orleans will also be assigned a Host Family.  The Host Families are local New Orleans families who will open their heart and homes to you during your YAV year. YAVs do not live with Host Families, but these families are a space outside of the YAV house for YAVs to go when needed.

YAVs meet weekly as an intentional community to reflect on their mission experiences, concerns, vocational call, and faith journey. Volunteers lead Bible studies, book discussions, and commit to sharing the stories of their experiences in service and community through blogging, writing newsletters, and journaling. Volunteers also meet once a month for a joint service project and shared meal.

YAVs will go on three local retreats which provide time for spiritual renewal. Support and encouragement will be found through other volunteers, site coordinator, congregation members, individual mentors, and the community of south Louisiana that truly appreciates the sacrifice and love of volunteers.

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  Emily Miller