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Little Rock, Arkansas

The focus of the Little Rock site is on living sustainably on the earth, living compassionately with neighbors – including those who have experienced disaster,-- and living faithfully in community and congregation.  These themes interact as sustainable living calls us to examine cultural values and appreciate global interconnectedness.  Engagement with local outreach ministries broadens comfort zones and helps identify root causes of poverty, be it of resources or of spirit.  Faith is then practiced, stretched and better understood in both the intimacy of the YAV household and the larger gathering of the local congregation.  YAVs live and work on the 1200-acre Ferncliff camp, yet connect to a large thriving congregation at Second Presbyterian and its varied outreach ministries in the city.  Ferncliff is home to PDA’s national Disaster Assistance Center and has a variety of “green,” hands-on practices/programs.

Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center  (3 positions)  
Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center is the 1200 acre Presbyterian Camp and Conference Center for Arkansas located just outside Little Rock.  Ferncliff was one of the first Green Leaf camps.  It is home to Solar School for Solar Under the Sun, the outreach program of Synod of the Sun.  Ferncliff is a leader in sustainable practices and mission.  There will be three YAV positions at Ferncliff Camp:


-       The Eco-Center Stewardwork alongside Ferncliff’s Associate Director in managing and promoting Ferncliff’s Eco Center (5600 sq. ft., straw bale-walled, solar powered bldg. with 24 beds and meeting space).

-       The Farm/Garden Steward work alongside Ferncliff staff to manage for Ferncliff’s large garden/farm area and its related educational programming. 

-       The Sustainability Steward work alongside Ferncliff’s Operations Manager and Executive Director for the whole Ferncliff campus in the planning and implementing of creation care practices.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance  (PDA) (2 positions)
Presbyterian Disaster Assistance serves US communities and congregations that have been impacted by disaster.  The national organization focuses on long-term recovery, providing emotional and spiritual care to care givers, and assisting communities as they set up sites to host mission teams.  YAVs who work with PDA will receive mentoring in the area of disaster assistance and helping communities recover from the trauma of natural and human-caused disasters.  The YAVs will work on social media outreach and other projects for PDA and help manage the 10,000 sq. ft. Disaster Assistance Center where local volunteers process 50,000 lbs. of disaster kits annually.  YAV’s  will have the possibility of deployment to disaster sites. 


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