Ukirk Journeying with young adults as we follow Christ

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indiana’s motto is “Crossroads of America.” The Indy YAVs will live in the intersection of religious diversity, and work together to address issues of reconciliation and poverty. The goal of Indy YAV is to provide opportunities for deep engagement and cooperative work with people of diverse religious identities. YAVs will gain skills in helping the community live faithfully with difference. The work that will be undertaken will help to broaden understanding of the interfaith and ecumenical landscape of the Indianapolis community and the world, by working in partnerships with the Global Interfaith Partnership, Interfaith Hunger Initiative, Kenya Ministry Team, Nueva Creación Hispanic Bilingual Church, Westminster Neighborhood Ministries, Northside Ministry, SAWS, Building Tomorrow (Uganda), and Coalition for Christian Outreach (Butler CCO). Come to the crossroads and engage in the struggle.

While living in Intentional Christian Community, the YAVs are expected to develop a community covenant that will guide relationships and support the community throughout the year.

YAVs meet weekly as an intentional community to reflect on their mission experiences, concerns, vocational call, and faith journey. Volunteers lead Bible studies, book discussions, and commit to sharing the stories of their experiences in service and community through blogging, writing newsletters, and journaling. Volunteers also meet once a month for a joint service project and shared meal.

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  Emily Miller