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Boston, Massachusetts

The Boston Food Justice Young Adult Volunteer program gives young adults a year-long experience living together in intentional Christian community and engaging in the mission of Presbytery congregations to secure healthy, just, and sustainable food for all people.  At the heart of the program are practices aimed at cultivating spiritual growth, vocational discernment, and leadership development, along with social and congregational transformation.

The Boston Food Justice Young Adult Volunteer Program alleviates and addresses root causes of hunger by developing access to fresh, local and sustainable food in Boston’s food deserts; educating the underserved about healthy eating habits; organizing to harness the energy of grassroots food justice initiatives; advancing the cause of fair food to Boston area consumers and businesses; and engaging in various forms of advocacy to address hunger and food security issues.  The YAVs will partner closely with local congregations and non-profits, developing individual as well as congregational leadership capacity.


  • Spend 35 hours a week serving in both a Boston-area nonprofit focused on food justice work and a local Presbyterian congregation developing outreach around these issues.
  • Live together in an intentional Christian community committed to practices of prayer, study, reflection and vocational discernment.
  • Learn to build healthy relationships with fellow YAVs, the site coordinator, coworkers and mentors; learn to collaborate with people of varied backgrounds and interests, growing in appreciation of the diversity of the Christian body. 
  • Set aside one day or evening each week when the whole community joins together to cultivate a common life of prayer, study, worship, and scripture reading under the leadership of mentors and the site coordinator. 
  • Retreat periodically as an opportunity for renewal and reflection.

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  Emily Miller