Ukirk Journeying with young adults as we follow Christ

Mailing: PO Box 23580, Lexington KY 40523
Physical: 900 Burnamwood Camp Rd, Irvine KY 40336
Irvine, Kentucky 40336

The groups will stay on site at Burnamwood. During the day, these groups will venture out into the Central Appalachian region of Eastern Kentucky to take the love of Burnamwood beyond the boundaries of the camp. Our full-time Summer Mission Director will arrange all work sites and even provide groceries for all of the meals. This is a hassle-free mission trip for youth directors and a chance for participants to open their eyes to extreme poverty in America. Beginning in 2015 groups wanting to come during non-summer months can make arraignments for week-long or weekend event too.

  • Accommodations: Provided!
    A beautiful three story home nestled into the side of a mountain. An additional lodge will be provided for larger groups.
  • Food: Provided!
    The refrigerator will be stocked when you arrive. You can prepare your meals in your newly-renovated kitchen!
  • Work Sites: Provided!
    The work will vary depending on group size and age, but the jobs will be lined up ahead of time in Irvine and the surrounding communities. As part of your registration packet, you will receive a document that your participants can complete to identify their work ability.
  • Leadership: Provided!
    There will be an on-site work camp coordinator that will work with your group all week!
  • Cost: $275 per person (Summer Rate) non - summer rates based on length of event - $55 per day per person


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