Ukirk Journeying with young adults as we follow Christ

2389 NW Summerfield Dr
Lee's Summit, Missouri 64081

Does your Youth Group want to experience being the hands and feet of Jesus?  Have you served the Homeless?  This is great opportunity for your Youth Group.  This experience is really open to any age.

You have the opportunity to see various kinds of camps within downtown KC.  You get to pray, serve, and make a difference for the Kingdom.

You get to spend 3 hours or so going around Kansas City, Missouri and serving the Homeless.  You will be guided to meet some remarkable people of the streets.

Things that are helpful:  Sturdy shoes ( lots of climbing around), clothes and socks for the homeless, water, either making sandwiches or purchasing food to hand out ( burgers etc)  We usually try to handout 30 to 50  sandwiches or burgers.  Any kind of shoes, boots especially!
In the winter, coats, mittens, sleeping bags etc.

I have been working with the Homeless for about 7 years and have a great relationship with them over the years.  Perhaps your group would like to experience this kind of mission.  Sundays after Noon and Fridays during the day are the best for right now

You will love the experience!

This is great for all ages!

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  Har Harper