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180 E. Maxwell Street
Lexington , Kentucky 40508

Mission Immersion Camp

Address: 180 E. Maxwell St. Lexington, KY 40508
Contact: Kyle Brown (859)255-1074 to schedule a week for your group to come.

Nature of Work: Maxwell St. Presbyterian Urban Mission Camp helps youth understand the plight facing those who are poor in America by combining education with implementation.  Groups not only hear and discuss social injustices, but also work hands-on through mission. Agencies that groups will work with include, but are not limited to, drop-in centers, homeless shelters, summer youth programs, elder care facilities, and community gardens.  This can be a very moving experience as youth learn about and experience another side of what it means to be poor in America. 

With hard work comes play, so free time is built into the schedule.  Maxwell Street is located on the edge of the University of Kentucky.  Basketball courts, a park, and other fun things to do are located nearby. One afternoon and evening are set-aside for groups to choose a day outing.

Group Specifications: Accepting groups June through August.  We require that there be at least one adult leader for every five students.  When working with others in mission situations, a certain level of maturity is needed.  We are open to middle and high school youth, as you deem appropriate.  Minimum group requirements: 5 people Maximum group: 34 people.

Project Provides:  Housing is provided in a renovated 19th century, air conditioned, three story house located directly behind the church.  The second floor is reserved for work camp groups.  Men’s and women’s restroom facilities with showers are located adjacent to the sleeping quarters.  A large kitchen is also located on the 2nd floor. 

Food is provided for meals beginning with breakfast on Sunday with the exception of Wednesday afternoon and evening (the groups day off).  Cooking meals and clean up duties are the responsibility of the group and are shared by all participants.  There may also be opportunities to eat at a few of the worksites.

Additional Information: Reservations may be made by phone.  A $50 per person non-refundable deposit will be required within two weeks to confirm your housing request.  We ask that you make a conservative “ballpark” guess at the size of your group.  Total cost per person is $250.

Groups arrive on Saturday evening and depart the following Friday morning.  The cost covers food, housing, programming, and leadership for the week.  Wednesday is reserved for the group’s day off and can be filled with a trip to King’s Island, Louisville, Natural Bridge or a whole host of other exciting opportunities.


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