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Jesus Clears the Temple

UWorship: Meditations on Luke 

“The theology of Luke is grounded in a Jesus who comes not just to offer compassion to those who are wounded but also to speak to the evil of those who wound.”

(See Stephanie Buckhanon Crowder’s introductory comments to Luke in The Peoples’ Bible, Fortress Minneapolis, MN: Fortress Press, 2009, p. 1470. Image, "Jesus Clears the Temple, by Eric de Saussure, 1968.)

Week 4:   Luke 4:1-13, Jesus Tempted 

If we too narrowly define “temptation” as the enticement to perverse or unethical behavior, then we set a low bar for the meaning of virtue by simply steering clear of the worst offenses. When we build up our own integrity by comparing ourselves to the people we judge as despicable human beings, then we avoid setting the higher bar that comes through aligning ourselves with Christ. . . read more

Week 3: Luke 21-38, Genealogy of Jesus

The 12-year-old Jesus differentiates himself and his family ties to Mary and Joseph when they come looking for him in the Temple telling them, “I had to be about my Father’s work.” Now, age 30, Jesus comes to John to receive a water baptism and the scene is yet another manifestation of Jesus’ double lineage. . . read more

Week 2:   Luke 2: 41-52, Boy Jesus 

If you’ve ever lost someone in a crowd – especially a young someone – then you will totally relate to the fear that gripped Mary and Joseph when they realized Jesus was missing . . . read more

Week 1:   Luke 1: 36-38, Gabriel and Mary

Christmas in September? It’s perplexing at first. I wonder why the UWorship lectionary for campus ministry starts out the school year with a text typically reserved for December sermons and Christmas pageants. . . read more