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Welcome to the UKirk Cohort Project!

Welcome to the UKirk Cohort Project. We’re really glad you’re interested, because, should you choose to join us, you’re in store for one of the most rewarding and restorative efforts we’ve made in the Office of Collegiate Ministry. If you’ve ever felt disconnected from other ministers, longed for more connection, wished you had a pool of resources from which to draw, or just needed some time to reflect on your ministry, then the UKirk Cohort Project is definitely for you. 

Cohort Rationale: Before we get to the details, perhaps a little background information is in order. For over a decade the Lilly Foundation has been funding research projects around peer-oriented learning and formation. This study, which crossed denominational lines, was labeled The Company of New Pastors in the PC(USA). Chances are, some of our own collegiate ministers have participated in these cohorts during the study. As the study concluded and the research was analyzed, one thing became very clear: peer-oriented ministry cohorts were highly effective in improving the life and ministry of the participants. We want to take advantage of that research by launching the UKirk Cohort Project in 2016. 

Cohort Composition: Our hope is to identify at least 10-12 college ministers in a similar geographical area. Once established, the Office of Collegiate Ministry will fund 12 (two full-day) regional gatherings around the nation. During these gatherings the cohort participants will share their faith stories, build relationships, discuss best practices, exchange ideas and eat a lot of really good food. The lodging and food for our cohorts will be covered by our office and travel scholarships will be offered where need is demonstrated.

Registration: Ready to register to be placed into a cohort? Joining this project couldn't be simpler. Simply follow the link below, provide your basic contact information, and someone will contact you in the coming weeks. That's it. Once we have 10-12 collegiate ministers in a geographical region, the fun begins. 

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